The History of the Moovinator: The Original Sanitary Filter Receiver

In 1998 we were seeing increased competition with our product line. Our filter receivers were more expensive than our competitors' offerings for good reasons. Quality. Our filter receivers and dust collectors were a "me too" as compared to the big three. The only differences were in the quality of our fabrication and level of fine detail. Being a small company, we found it hard to compete without an advertising budget. Plants were stretching their budgets which meant less opportunities for our equipment.

sanitary filter receiver haf

Picture from the Powder show in 2004. Note the small Sanitary Filter Reciever in the foreground.

Our decision to break out and develop a completely revolutionary product was a risk for us. We did not have people to do market studies. The only thing we had were operators asking us to build something more ergonomic for them. After spending years commissioning our equipment, all that time was put to use. Standing in plants waiting for check out to happen allowed us to study operators and how they interfaced with equipment. We found out typical me to stuff was not making anybody's job any easier.

We got to work and developed the first Moovinator with horizontally loading bags. It was not much more than a regular filter on its side. We got to testing and discovered lots of do's and dont's. Our first unit was trialed after work for many many nights and weekends. It was not much more than a garage effort and lots of work. After we were satisfied with the results, we found our first opportunity with a plastic cup maker on the east coast. Plastic chip conveying into our receiver was a safe application for our first unit.

We had good success and learned much from that. We are thankful for this first company working with us and taking a risk-we always buy the products they make above their competitors!

sanitary filter receiver sfr

Group of both small and large HL Moovinators just prior to shipping to a functional ingredients plant in North America.

We had early challenges when we slowly explored the range of this technology-it was a bit scary. We knew we had to go slow and careful-these performed different than anything else in the market. Our local competitor (now known as Powder Solutions) caught wind of what we where doing. Perhaps threatened by new technology, started sending the following literature piece to everyone we knew. We were soon inundated with copies of literature they made from a picture of our first Moovinator. Many in our field called to give us a heads up and had forwarded enough copies of what was being sent that we knew friends and customers in this industry had our back. Now after 15 years of manufacturing this product, it is safe to say their predictions didnt come true. Of note, our product has greatly developed since that first photo was taken!

haf sanitary filter receiver

By the mid 2005, we had almost 50 units in the field. Our progress was slow and very careful. At this time we started to see repeat orders from our customers. Operators liked the way Moovinator HL handled.

originial moovinator sanitary filter receiver

Our little HL1600 on its way to a snack food plant where it will be used to feed a mixed spice to a feeder over an enrobing drum. This Moovinator has a self contained vacuum blower and was single sourcing a bag break station. It is one of many sent to the same customer over the course of several years.

By 2010 we had hundreds of units in the field. As our experience grew with the product, we began to see what applications would be successful and which processes to stay away from. We had also begun seeing indoor air permitting requirements. When we filled out documents for permitting, we had push back. Our air to cloth ratio's and differential pressures were unlike any conventional filtration. Timing was on our side as we were able to prove our methods and Moovinators work over hundreds of previous installations.

After our time in the market, large big corporation competitors like Mac tried to develop their own copies that were not exactly copies but their own designs. In 2014, K-Tron introduces their copy. A machine that looks like it came right out of our facility. They (Coperion K Tron) call theirs SFR sanitary filter receiver. Seems large corporations can be more efficient by simply following the leader (which happens to be the little guy) and saving development cost. And with all that saved development money, they can support a massive advertising budget to showcase what "they" have come up with!

sanitary filter receiver moovinator

A Moovinator HL3200Magnum Plus with live bin discharger. Unit was just trial tested on cocoa. Super sanitary construction with internal line of site cleaning. Two of these where mounted on scales and used in our CNW formatt to loss in weight dose to a liquid mixer below.

Our Moovinators are built with process experience. We have them in the worlds most recognizable multi nationals. We have them in snack foods, breakfast cereal, dairy powders, nutraceuticals, and chemical plants around the world-all that from a small company with passion for its customers.

moovinator haf sanitary filter receiver

Moovinator HL3200 Plus sanitary USDA Dairy accepted. Unit transfered at high rate. Note the sanitary dairy features.

When a Sanitary Filter Receiver is required for your process, you must ask-how much experience does the manufacturer have with this technology? How many do they have in the field? Have they ever actually got any USDA Dairy accepted into a plant? Have they ever run one of these at the higher air to cloth ratios and differential pressures these units run at? Have they ever permitted one of indoor or outdoor air with the EPA?

We can answer yes to all of those questions-can they?

Moovinator. The Orginal.

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