Our Bulk Bag Unloaders

BBU series unloaders are the result of generations of refinement. Engineered for perfect operator interface, unloading performance and safety.

Your choices include our conventional hoist-trolley controlled unloader or our all eleectric hoist free Navigator.

One of our bulk bag unloaders

Super heavy duty construction is suited for rough service

  • Upper frame can be configured in four plan view positions
  • Vibrated bag pan with 4" tall side boards contains powder
  • Large bag spout enclosure with quick access door
  • Open construction for easy cleaning
  • Harrington hoist-standard
  • Frame rated to 4,000 pounds
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no hoist bag lift

All electric and no hoist bag lift

  • Control is remote located-keeps operator clear of bag
  • No more swinging/twisting bags in while in motion
  • Smooth linear bag positioning and loading
  • Great for low headroom installations
  • Adjustable vertical bag unload rate of lift
  • Remote operation
  • Fully automatic with optional PLC control and bag violator
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Bulk Bag Navigator HAF Bulk Bag Navigator for unloading bulk bags in low headroom locations and without the use of a hoist.


  • Finishes
  • Tower systems-gravity
  • Receptor tube spout clamp
  • Configurations
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Integration of process equipment within frame