The company was originally run out of a one man office located on the upper story of a retail center in Stillwater, MN. With the help of Paul Neu, HAF grew from a small rep firm to a process systems manufacturer. As the company grew, we moved to larger offices within this building. We knew it was time to move when we started to take delivery of valves and other parts by rushing out to a truck double parked on mainstreet, pulling the delivery off the back of the truck and carrying them "upstairs".

In 1995, while representing Savel Corp. the then owners approached us to purchase the company-and it was done. This meant rotary airlocks and divert valves would be assembled in Peter's garage at home. Casting and finished parts where picked up at a local distribution center and brought to my home on the back of a utility trailer. Valves where then assembled and finished and reloaded back onto this trailer. The whole family was involved when loading the trailer-all five of us would lift pallets manually.

Late 90s
By the late 90s we had secured an industrial building complete with loading dock-all in Stillwater. Our first purchase for the new building was a pallet jack for unloading trucks. We had a small office in front and a large shop-warehouse in back. While we built high quality equipment, we soon found our products where just like every other companies in this industry. By the end of the 90s, it seemed there where more companies offering the same products we had-it became a race to the cheapest. Our experience and skills where not a match for the products we built. It was time to develop products that where uniquely our own and ones the reflected our capability.

In 1999 we introduced our Moovinator line of equipment. This represented a departure from typical full size equipment-it was a product range that developed the new intermediate size process equipment. This was the start of the perfecting of our product line.

By 2004 we began looking for our own building. In 2005 we found a new never used industrial "shell" building. While in our leased space, we had been simply extending the lease year by year. In order to purchase and move into our new building, the timing needed to be near perfect. The build out in our new place had to be done nearly over night. The plan was for something simple that could provide us with an occupancy permit. We added a basic test area that allows us the perfecting our our equipment and also the development of new products and processes. This proved a valuable asset.

In 2005 we made the jump to Solid Works software. This was a major leap for us, but it proved to be a good decision. Solid Works played a major role in the standardizing of our product line which lead to more efficient design, operation and manufacturing of our product line.

Completion of product line standardization.

Equity position in Relco. With full manufacturing capability in both Minnesota and the Netherlands, we found this partnership to be a great fit. Relco manufactures spray driers and agglomerators for whey, lactose and permeate. We also manufacture skid systems for CIP cleaning.

Sold Savel Technologies (sanitary airlock manufacturing) to Relco.

First shipments to China and Phillipines begins.

We sell our building and begin seach and planning of our new manufacturing center.

We purchase our present building which offers significantly more space.

We start an office and operation in Monterrey, Mexico to serve Mexico and South America.

haf facility stillwater

Company founded in 1994
Located above a retail center in Stillwater, MN.

  • Office only
haf larger facility stillwater

Move to larger facility in 1998
Made the big move to a larger facility in an industrial park located in Stillwater, MN.

  • Office
  • Small warehouse
haf centerville facility

Purchased our new building in 2005
Building located in Centerville, MN which placed us about 20 minutes from downtown St. Paul, MN.

  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Simple test lab
haf facility

Purchased larger facility in 2013
Building located in Maplewood, MN which is located off a major freeway and just minutes from downtown St Paul, MN.

  • Office
  • Warehouse
  • Modern test lab
  • Production area
Move in date March 2014

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